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2nd Philosophers’ Rally: An Undergraduate Conference
February 2014
Auditorium, Ateneo de Davao University
Speaker: Dr. Manuel Dy, Jr. (Ateneo de Manila University)
The Philosophers’
Rally is a celebration of ideas, bringing together all those who have
freely and joyfully taken the task of serious philosophical thinking. It caters particularly to undergraduate philosophy
students and highlights their best philosophical work.  Papers can cover diverse fields in
philosophy—from either continental or analytic tradition—namely philosophical
anthropology, philosophy of religion, ethics, epistemology, socio-political
philosophy, metaphysics, language, among other areas.
topics include: human freedom, the good, God,
love/intersubjectivity, democracy, social justice, the problem of evil, the
meaning of human existence, the problem of language and understanding, etc.  
or summary of the paper may be submitted  to addu.philodepartment at gmail.com on or before 10 January 2014.  Two days after receipt of submission, a decision
will be made as to whether or not the abstract/summary has been accepted for
presentation. The
registration fee is Php 100.00. Further queries maybe addressed to Mr. Jeremy
Glenn Tuvida (achilles_jerg at yahoo.com).
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